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After West Coast, Chevy Bolt Heads to the Northeast

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2017 Chevrolet Bolt

When the Chevrolet Bolt was first announced, it was also promised that it would be sold nationwide like its plug-in relative, the Volt. Unfortunately, this US-spanning promise couldn’t come to fruition before the end of the year, as the first batch of Bolts will only be sold (and in fact have already started being sold) in California and Oregon. Other than that, Chevrolet has generally been fairly tight-lipped about its delivery schedule for the new EV.

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Now, though, according to Automotive News, the Bowtie Brand will be taking its hot new electric car to the markets of the Northeast and the Mid-Atlantic this winter, before taking the Bolt nationwide by mid-2017.

Significantly, mid-2017 is about when Tesla plans to begin production of its competitively-priced Model 3, which is expected to have the same range as the GM offering. However, there is still some doubt on whether or not that plan will work out, especially given Tesla’s wave of preorders, which make some analysts think that the Model 3 may not launch until 2018.

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This would give the Bolt a pretty hefty leg up on the Model 3, both in time on the market and in availability, since the Model 3, in addition to delivery delays due to the large number of preorders mentioned above, is not available in all states, since many still don’t allow Tesla’s dealership-less sales model.

News Source: Automotive News (subscription required)