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Albuquerque Committed To Preserving Route 66 History

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Route 66 sign in Arizona

Route 66 is one of America’s most famous stretches of road, right up there with Woodward Avenue, Michigan Avenue, and Beale Street. Unfortunately, our modern highway system has eclipsed the historic western road, and may businesses and towns around it have actually disappeared. The town of Albuquerque is taking steps to preserve its piece of automotive history by protecting iconic roadside motels in the city.

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The Associated Press reports that $20 million has been invested in a restoration project to bring back the historic De Anza Motro Lodge and El Vado Motel that stand along stretches of Historic Route 66. In the past, the New Mexico city has deliberately placed major tourist attractions on or near Route 66, such as a zoo, concert space, and major shopping strip. There are still many areas, like those around the hotels, which remain rough. The city hopes that by restoring the properties, the areas around it will also improve.

If all goes as planned, both inns will be converted into extended-stay motels, staying true to the buildings’ original purposes. There are also plans to have breweries and food carts at or near the properties to draw locals and Millennials to the area. Eventually, the two motels will be bookends for a stretch of the historic highway that will be vibrant and great for the economy.

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With all this money recently invested in Route 66, maybe the historic highway can have a new life and continue being a road that America turns to for road trip fun, even if it’s slightly less modern than what we’re used to.

News Source: ABC News