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American Muscle Car Tries Flexing, is Torn Asunder [VIDEO]

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American Muscle Car Flexes, Breaks [Video still]

A car and its rear axle decide to take a break from one another

The old Mae West one-liner about how “too much of a good thing is wonderful” doesn’t always hold true in the automotive world. For example, too much power can cause your beautiful American muscle car to basically self-destruct.

[WARNING: Before watching this video, please turn down the volume on your computer, laptop, or mobile device. Or maybe just put it on mute. The motorists who captured this dash-cam footage on film found the whole thing very, very funny, and their loud, braying laughter is pretty obnoxious—especially if you’re wearing headphones.]

The owner of this suped-up American muscle car decided he’d show off his sweet ride by putting the pedal to the metal in a commercial area, and in doing so, had his car’s rear axle pop right off.

He’s kind of like the guy at the gym who decides to impress the cute girl on the treadmill by squatting 300 pounds, but it’s too much weight, and he blows out his sphincter. Pride cometh before a fall, and everything, but you still have to feel bad for the guy, even if he was being a bit show-offy. It’s a pretty embarrassing moment in the life of a bro.

There is a good lesson here: when you’re upgrading a car’s engine, make sure the rest of its components can handle the increase in horsepower.

Also, don’t drive like a jerk on the street, or everyone’s going to laugh at you when your car malfunctions.