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An Interesting Way to Deal With Children’s Moods on Long Car Journeys

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If you ever need to make car journeys with your children, particularly long trips, you’ll know that there can be many pitfalls. Children may be bored, moody, nauseous, nervous and tired, but you might be surprised to learn that the right food can address each of these problems. With a wealth of suggestions for healthy and helpful snacks for kids on the go, this might just put an end to your travel problems; you may even want to sneak a tasty snack or two for yourself.

It’s now widely accepted that the food children eat has an influence on how they behave and this directly links back to their mood; we all know from our own experience that it’s far too easy to become irritable when tired or stressed. Children’s systems are even more sensitive to the effects of ingredients than our adult bodies are, reacting more obviously to high-sugar, additive-laden foods, which is why we refer to them experiencing a ‘sugar rush’, for example. And it’s not just what is there that counts, but what isn’t, such as vitamins and minerals or the right kinds of protein, carbohydrate and even fat, which keep their bodies and minds working properly. has produced this handy blog post (see below) which explains how different foods can affect certain car moods and then gives simple, car friendly snack ideas containing these ingredients. With a large variety of ideas to choose from, you won’t have any problem finding snacks to suit your children’s specific tastes and needs, but you might have some trouble keeping the car clean. Luckily, there are a few hacks to deal with that. A shallow, plastic toybox makes an ideal alternative to a tray for in-car eating as it catches spillages; similarly, a tackle box will do the same job but contains different sections into which you can pop a selection of healthy treats. Alternatively, a single sheet or a beach towel, spread across the floor, will catch the worst of any errant crumbs and can be scooped up easily once you have access to a bin, keeping your car spick and span.

You can read the full blog post here: