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Angry Rhino Attacks Menacing Toyota SUV in Namibia

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rhino vs toyota suv

Yo, got any SUVs I can attack?
Photo: mar15ka

It’s not often you have to be concerned about rogue rhinoceroses attacking your vehicle—usually, the biggest wildlife-related worry is a stray cat under your car or a pigeon pooping on your windshield. But if you ever decide to go on an African safari, you might want to take someone else’s car (or get the extra insurance from the rental agency) based on the following video:

Built for Strength: The rhino is no match for the Toyota 4Runner

In the video, a rhino is stalking through Etosha National Park in Namibia, obviously with his eye on something in the distance. As he begins to charge, we can see that the object of interest is a white Toyota SUV, presumably carrying tourists hoping for an up-close glimpse of some African wildlife (though perhaps this was a bit too up-close). The rhino’s tusks make contact with the SUV, shaking it violently—though, to the car’s credit, it stands its ground as any good Toyota truck-based vehicle should. After a couple of prods, the SUV drives on and the rhino wanders off, as if this were a normal everyday occurrence.

rhino vs toyota SUV


To put this matchup in perspective, an average rhinoceros weighs approximately 3,100 pounds. A Toyota 4Runner weighs anywhere from 4,400 to 4,805 pounds. So obviously, the SUV has the advantage here. If the car in question was a Yaris, which weighs approximately 2,300 pounds, you can see how this scenario would have been different. The again, perhaps rhinos are less threatened by subcompact hatchbacks than they are by full-on SUVs (understandably so, if that’s the case).

Luckily, everyone in the Toyota SUV escaped unharmed.

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News Source: Express