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Another Masterpiece of German Engineering: The Auto-Braking Door

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This is about how much room you have to get out of your car when parking during Christmas shopping season

It’s happened to all of us. You open your car door without really looking and it bangs into the car next to you. In the best-case scenario, the car next to you escapes without a scratch and you move on. In the worst case, you end up leaving notes and exchanging insurance information.

A German company called Kiekert AG is working hard to create technology that will stop that from happening. It uses similar techniques as the systems being added to vehicles that prevent collisions by applying the brakes. The technology uses sensors to know how close you are parked to the car next to you, and if your door gets too close to the car it stops the swing.

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Kiekert is working with students at a German school to create the product, called “i-protect,” and Kiekart says that the students will keep the patent and all of its rights. Unfortunately, there is no release date set for this cool piece of tech, but when it comes out it will probably start on a luxury car.

Now if only someone would create technology that repels shopping carts in the parking lot and keep them away from our paint jobs, we would be able to avoid most of the road rage in parking lots.

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News Source: Forbes