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Artist Creates Hilarious Road Rage Coloring Book for Adults

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Road rage can cause high blood pressure, tense muscles, and an increase in obscenities used while driving

Road rage is something that affects almost every driver and can range in intensity from person to person. There are those that get slightly irritated and eventually brush it off, but then there are those that start screaming obscenities and try to pull up next to the offender to show them their most favored finger. No matter which end of the road rage spectrum you’re on, it’s always nice to have an outlet to get over the anger that’s bubbling inside.

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Artist James Alexander is known for creating adult coloring books that feature a large collection of obscene words and phrases. He’s created over 13 collections of pages that feature some of the worst/best words in the English language, often paired with adorable animals or unique geometric designs.

His latest book, “The Road Rage Coloring Book: Color Away Your Frustration and Leave Memos on the Windshields of Shitty Drivers” includes over 40 different pages of road rage related frustrations. A couple of my favorite quips include, “Stop signs aren’t optional, douche canoe!” and “My dog drives better than you.”

adult coloring book

Adult coloring books have been proven to help those suffering from stress

There has been a recent influx of adult coloring books at bookstores and online, and for good reason. According to Psychology Today, adult coloring books can benefit those with a variety of mental and emotional health issues such as PTSD, anxiety, and stress. When someone is focused on these coloring pages, there is less focus on the negative issues or habits and keeps people productive in a positive, healthy way.

To view all of James’ coloring pages, simply visit his website or head to Amazon to grab your own copies for coloring satisfaction and road rage relief!

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