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Audi Opens Virtual Showroom In Turkey

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Audi City Istanbul

Audi is proud to announce that it has opened its fourth virtual showroom in Istanbul, Turkey. These virtual showrooms are called Audi City, and are meant to help drivers choose the Audi that’s right for them without the huge footprint of a traditional dealership.

Audi clearly took many of its design cues from tech companies like Apple, because everything in this showroom is sleek and white. Customers can use touchscreens to browse the Audi lineup available in a particular market. Once customers find the vehicle they like, they can take a closer look at the vehicle on larger screens that take up the whole wall of the virtual showroom. Relying on screens instead of cars sitting in dealerships allows the digital showroom to only take up about 2,518.8 square feet.

In other Audi digital showrooms, test drives are still possible. The cars are driven over to the city location from a service center a short distance away. In the press release for the Istanbul location, there was no indication from Audi where the test drive vehicles would be located and how that process would work.

Currently, Audi City locations are in London, Beijing, London, and now Istanbul. Locations in Paris and Moscow are currently being developed. The brand is also hoping that the technology from the streamlined big-city showrooms will soon be transferable to its traditional dealerships. Considering that Audi is now competing in the luxury car world with Tesla, a brand that relies on limited storefronts in high-traffic areas, it’s not surprising that the automaker is doing all it can to be both hip and visible in cities with high incomes.