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Audi S3 Photo Shoot Caught in Brooklyn

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Audi_BrooklynThis month, I traveled to New York City to see my cousin get married to her best friend.* I took vacation time, as you do, but no matter how hard I tried my job followed me to the Big Apple. The day after the ceremony, December 19th, I stumbled across a photo shoot after exploring the Brooklyn Bridge Park. This was not your average NYC photo shoot featuring couture-clad models, though, but an Audi model driving down the streets of Brooklyn.

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The photo shoot was on Plymouth street in Brooklyn’s Dumbo neighborhood near Washington street. As you can see, the street offered a prefect view of the old warehouses in the area and the Brooklyn Bridge in the distance. At one point in the shoot, one of the photographers walked away and flagged a yellow cab to use in some of the photos so that it looked “Very New York”. Take a look at the not-so-sneaky photos I took for the production in the gallery below.

As you can see, the photos were all posed so that the car looked like it was in motion but was actually standing still. After confirming it with my fellow editors, we have determined that the Audi being photographed is the 2017 Audi S3. We’re not sure of the purpose of the photos, as the car belonged to Audi and wore Michigan manufacturer plates. I assume that if the photo shoot was for a New York dealership or local ad campaign, the car would be wearing temporary dealer plates instead.


While I was very mad to have the car world so rudely intrude on my break from The News Wheel, it was also very cool to see the photo shoot in person without the Photoshop magic that will follow. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for these photos in the future in Audi campaigns.


*Congratulations Rachel and TJ!

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