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Automotive Ales: 11 Microbreweries Serving Car-Themed Beers

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Gearheads and race fans will love these libations inspired by automobiles

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Check out these creative, car-themed beers
Photo: Quinn Dombrowski

Whether it’s race day and you’re stocking the cooler for your pals, or you’re working in the garage and need a chilled drink, nothing beats the refreshing taste and heartiness of beer. Instead of reaching for a can of whatever cheap, widely-produced crud is most easily available, seek out a uniquely flavored and designed car-themed beer from one of these microbreweries.

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Microbreweries That Make Car-Themed BeersAle Smith Speedway Stout car themed beers

  • AleSmith Brewing Co. (San Diego, CA)— Speedway Stout, an Imperial Stout with coffee described as chocolaty and roasted.
  • Bear Republic (Healdsburg, CA)—Many year-round and seasonal choices. Well-known picks include Racer 5, an Indian pale ale; and Grand Am, an American-style pale ale.
  • Bier Brewery (Indianapolis, IN)— Trackbier, an American lager through-and-through.
  • Daredevil Brewing Co. (Speedway, IN)— Race Day, an American craft lager described as light and malty.
  • Flat 12 Bierworks (Indianapolis, IN)— Hinchtown Hammerdown, described as a crisp and refreshing Pilsner-style beer.
  • Harviestoun Brewery LTD (Alva, UK)— Old Engine Oil, a black ale described as dark, chocolaty, and roasted.
  • Hoosier Brewing Co. (Franklin, IN)— Red Flyer, an Irish Red Ale.
  • New Glarus Brewing Co. (New Glarus, WI)— Black Top, a Black IPA gold that’s “assertively hoppy” and “jet black;” also, Road Slush, an oatmeal stout tasting of molasses and dark chocolate.
  • Old Hangtown Beer Works (Rancho Cordova, CA)— Jeepers Trail, a pale ale dedicated to the off-roading brand.
  • Red Truck Beer Co. (Vancouver, B.C.)— This brewery, in general, derives a lot of its inspiration from the founder’s 1946 Dodge pickup (seen on the label), which he used to cart his home-brewed lager and ale around in.
  • Two Roads Brewing Co. (Stratford, CT)— Multiple options, including No Limits Hefeweizen, a Bavarian wheat brew dedicated to Germany’s Autobahn.

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