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Autonomous Vehicles Hitting the Road in Boston

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No, not this one

Boston is about to be the host to the cutting edge of driving technology, as Massachusetts transportation officials have given the legal go-ahead to self-driving startup nuTonomy to begin testing its autonomous vehicles in its capital city.

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NuTonomy is an MIT spin-off technology startup that writes software for self-driving cars, with the aim of having fully-developed autonomous vehicles by 2019. Although its headquarters are in Cambridge, the company first gained attention with its vehicles on the streets of Singapore, where it gained the distinction of being the first self-driving startup company to actually cater to paying customers.

In Boston, the company doesn’t plan to be playing taxi anytime soon, though—instead, the company’s fleet of self-driving electric cars will be restricted to Raymond L. Flynn Marine Park, an industrial park in southern Boston which is devoid of traffic lights, but is frequented by a far less predictable obstacle—commuters and bicycles.

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The startup company seemed very eager to go at the news, telling the Boston Herald that the group was just waiting for the transportation officials to say the word, as the company had been ready to starting rolling out for the past several weeks.

In any case, nuTonomy’s cars will begin testing on Tuesday, January 3rd, but if you are in the area, don’t worry—a nuTonomy engineer will still be in the car at all times in case they would be needed.

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