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Avenir’s Headlights Predict Future for Buick Lighting

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Buick Avenir Concept Headlights

Buick Avenir Concept Headlights
Photo: © General Motors

The Buick Avenir Concept grabbed a lot of attention at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show for a number of reasons. A lot of the praise heaped upon Buick’s bold fantasy flagship had to do with its progression of the brand’s style—both inside and out— that both pays homage to the models of old while predicting the look of the future. One aspect that may not have received as much acclaim for its predictive nature and its aesthetic quality was the Avenir’s headlights. GM designers wanted to set the record straight.

“We worked hard to not only make Avenir distinctive from across the room, but draw you closer with its detail work,” said Michael Simcoe, vice president of design, GM International Operations, “and that certainly includes its dramatic lighting. The head and taillamps are the result of our lighting designers in North America working hand-in-hand with our exterior designers and fabrication craftsmen in our Australia Advanced Studio.

“Like the rest of the Avenir, they are a dramatic expression of modern Buick design.”

Buick Avenir Concept Headlights

The Avenir’s LEDs are built not only to create a luxurious signature look, but also to be more efficient than even the most modern headlamps. Not only do the wing accents within the lamp assembly form to the fender and evoke the Buick tri-shield, but they also allow for clean lighting that make seeing the road ahead easy.

Granted, headlamps and taillamps tend not to get the pub that other aspects of a flagship would receive, but in the case of the Avenir, the attention is well deserved.

Buick Avenir Concept Tailights