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Avoid Lego Car Accidents with These Slippers

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Lego Slippers- Brand Station

If you are a car fan and don’t have the resources to build a full-size car from scratch, Lego models are always a great alternative (there are also several great books for inspiration). Alternatively, Lego bricks are a good way for children to assemble their own custom rides before they’re even eligible for their learner’s permit. We highly recommend them as a fun gift for all ages, and there are a lot of sets available that emulate famous cars.

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If you’re planning on wrapping Lego sets for under the tree, make sure to take some proper precautions. Many parents can speak to the real agony following a Lego car accident with their feet. Incidents involving those sharp little tires or windshields are especially painful. It’s too bad that feet aren’t built with airbags and bumpers like real cars.

Don't be like Loki - protect your feet

Don’t be like Loki – protect your feet

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To help alleviate pain this holiday season, Lego has teamed up with French ad agency Brand Station to produce Lego Slippers to protect adult feet from the perils of navigating in the Lego equivalent of junkyards, also known as playrooms strewn with the remains of current and former Lego projects and race cars. These slippers aren’t just any old footwear, they are filled with thick padding to ensure that any brick stepped on is only a blip on the radar when walking.

step on a lego meme 2

Unfortunately, like special edition Chevrolet Camaros, these slippers were made in very limited quantities. Only 1,500 pairs were produced, and they will be given away to a select few visitors to the Lego France website who create a Christmas list. While they are not the same as the protective footwear from Lego, considerate gift givers can pick up thick memory foam slippers as a substitute. We hope you drive walk safely.

News Source: CNET
Photo Source: Brand Station

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