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Baby Born in Back Seat of Uber Car

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Uber Drivers Delivering Food Orders Via UberEats

Photo: Paul Goddin

Normal: Taking an Uber car through the Lincoln Tunnel.

Bad: The car is on the way to the hospital with a woman going into labor in the back seat.

Worse: Her water breaks halfway through the tunnel.

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This is exactly the situation that confronted New York Uber driver Erick Rodriguez on August 31st, after picking up the pregnant passenger. The intended destination was Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan, but mid-tunnel, Rodriguez realized that they would not make it.

“We’re in the middle of the Lincoln and all I hear is water dripping. Her water broke and I’m thinking, ‘Wow, I’m going to have to help deliver this baby,’” Rodriguez told ABC News.

The Port Authority Police officers met the car outside the tunnel to assist delivering the baby.

It was a girl.

Soon after, EMS took mother and baby to St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Hospital.

In celebration of what is probably the first child born in an Uber car, the company is sending the new family an Uber onesie and a free ride home from the hospital. As for the driver, Uber is buying him Yankees tickets and a serious deep cleaning of his car.

Oh, and to put a neat bow on the whole story, the mother gave Rodriguez a five-star rating.

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