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Back to Black: Lady Gaga, Her Offstage Style, and Her Camino

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lady gaga

Photo: Netflix

Just this week, Lady Gaga debuted her new song, “Frankensteined,” at her Joanne World Tour concert in Indianapolis. Rave reviews dominated Twitter, applauding both her and the song.

Lady Gaga is unarguably one of the most original artists gracing Pop Music World today. One has to ask exactly what it is about this star that still attracts fans to her music and person.

As far as external appearance goes, Gaga’s current style when offstage is more monochromatic and “natural.” Although she still sports more eccentric garments that match her dynamic personality, muted hues and simple contours seem to be her current fashion trend when she’s out of the limelight.

lady gaga

Photo: Netflix

If you have viewed Netflix’s current documentary on her life, dubbed “Five Foot Two,” you’ve probably gleaned an inside look on Gaga’s reasoning behind her new look. As she articulates in the film, “We’ve seen me f—— glamorous for almost 10 years, it’s boring. It really is boring. I just wanna have a uniform and I think my uniform should be black jeans and black boots and I just wear that a lot and we get versions of that made.”

Her current penchant for black hued clothing and accessories definitely shows a refreshingly unpretentious and stripped-down version of her personality that she was likely masking all along with her more outlandish garb.

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lady gaga

Photo: Netflix

Personal Life

Major life events in just the past year, seem to be huge factors in shaping Gaga’s more unpretentious style. One has to wonder if her break-up with fiancé Taylor Kinney last summer was a major factor in inspiring Gaga to launch into this new chapter of a more subtle, down-to-earth style. She admits this event was definitely “the deepest pain in [her] life.”

Plus, anyone dealing with a diagnosis of fibromyalgia or some other chronic pain like Gaga depicts in the film, automatically is faced with a more stark view of life from dealing with physical pain on a long-term basis.

At another point in the documentary, Gaga asserts a newfound confidence that comes from the innate maturity that comes from walking the earth for some three decades. “I can see now. I don’t need to have a million wigs on and all that s—  to make a statement.”


lady gaga

Photo: Netflix


Yet the bluntness that personal circumstances have enhanced seems to be buried in her songs all along, even if it wasn’t always visible in her personal appearance. From “Marry the Night” to “A Million Reasons,” her lyrics have always expressed real-world topics and sentiments in straight-forward (sometimes salty) language:

“I’m a solider to my own emptiness.” “Down the street that I love/in my fishnet gloves/ I’m a sinner.”
“You're giving me a million reasons to quit the show.” “If I had a highway, I would run for the hills.”
“Lord, show me the way/To cut through all his worn out leather.”


lady gaga chevrolet el camino

Photo: Facebook


Besides song lyrics, this simplicity seems to manifest itself in one of the cars she chooses to drive: her black Chevrolet El Camino. It poses an understated-yet-still-iconic vibe. She posted on her facebook, commenting on her ride, “some things never go out of style.”

She was referring to her sleek ride, but ultimately, it’s a phrase that applies to Lady Gaga’s life. Because, like the minimalistic color black, candor will never go out of style, whether it appears in the form of a car, clothes, or personality.


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