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Bail Set at $100,000 for Cadillac Deville Arsonist

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The fire was quickly put out and only the interior of the vehicle suffered  noticeable damage.

A Cadillac Deville was set ablaze in a suspected arson case in New York
Photo: That Hartford Guy

A woman from Syracuse, New York, is being held on $100,000 bail or bond for allegedly setting a Cadillac Deville ablaze in an Onondaga driveway.

Tracey Turner, 45, was arrested on Sunday, June 21st, and charged with second- and third- degree arson. Witnesses said they saw a woman running from the burning car when the fire started.

Turner reportedly knew the victim.

Tracey Turner, 45, was arrested and charged with second- and third – degree arson
Photo: Amy Glaze

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Town and volunteer fire departments responded to the fire and promptly extinguished the flames, resulting in only minor damage to the interior of the Cadillac Deville.

Detectives also found evidence of another fire set on the back deck of the home. Luckily, police said Sunday’s rain helped limit the fires.

It is reported that Turner knows the victim, but police have yet to release a mugshot of the accused arsonist. Turner is scheduled to return to court this Friday.

The question that nobody is asking, however, is if this could be the same woman who burned a Cadillac El Dorado in a McDonalds parking lot in Florida in March of last year. Probably not, because a woman with that much lust for burning cars could probably never make it from Florida to New York, but still, you’ve got to wonder…

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