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Barra Squashes Rumors Pertaining to FCA Merger

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GM CEO Mary BarraPhoto: © General Motors

Sergio Marchionne has not been shy in suggesting that he really wants to merge FCA with General Motors sometime before he steps away in 2019. The notion behind the potential merger would be to help bolster FCA’s dwindling sales in the United States and help to eliminate some of the debt it’s accumulated over the years.

Bloomberg asked General Motors CEO Mary Barra about the company’s interest in a merger with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles earlier this week, and the general tone of Barra’s response is one roughly equivalent to “nah, we’re good.”

Barra told Bloomberg that GM has “articulated a very detailed plan to become to most-valued automaker” in the world without the need for a massive merger deal.

“We’re working hard on it and we’re not going to let anything distract us,” she noted.

General Motors is certainly well on track to hit that goal. Last year, it came up just shy of logging 10 million sales around the world, and it continues to set ambitious sales goals for brands like Chevy, Buick, and Cadillac both domestically and around the world.

News Source: Bloomberg