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Bask in the Pettiness of this Chinese Parking Lot and Driver Fight

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Benxi city China parking dispute car on the roof

Parking can be a stressful process, particularly when it comes to finding somewhere to leave your vehicle in a city. What can be even worse is when you find a parking place, only to find out after you return to your car that the lot you left it in is charging some seriously ridiculous rates just to occupy space.

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This must have been on the mind of one woman in Benxi city, in China’s Liaoning province, who was parked in a residential community’s lot, and then attempted to leave on Tuesday morning. The people at the security gate then asked that she pay a fee for parking. However, she didn’t want to pay. After some arguing, the woman simply parked, got out, and left, with her car blocking the way out.

A few hours later, the estate’s owners decided that this simply wouldn’t do anymore, so they called for a crane to remove the car.

Benxi city China parking dispute car on the roof

But, instead of just moving the car out of the way, someone must have jokingly said to the person with decision-making power, “Hey, what if we just left it on the roof?” to which the reply was, “Hmm, ok.”

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Benxi city China parking dispute car on the roof

The car then earned a new life as the security station gargoyle. We don’t know what the woman said after she returned, but apparently she and a representative from the residential community were asked to visit the police station. After this visit, they got the crane back and brought down the car.

Either way, I am amused by the copious pettiness in this situation. I can just imagine the woman saying, “I’m not paying that, so deal with my car blocking half your driveway, jerks. Peace!” followed by the security people going “Oh, we’ll deal with it all right. Give you a prime parking spot is what we’ll do.”

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