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Behold, the All-New, More Responsive 2.0: The Quickening

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Bombshell news in the automotive industry that somehow went largely unreported this past weekend: Holden got a new website.

Yes, you read that correct. Holden, maker of fine automobiles in Australia, got a brand-spanking-new website for customers to use in familiarizing themselves with the brand, its vehicles, how to buy those vehicles, how to configure those vehicles, how to look at those vehicles, and how to get ideas about those vehicles that might ultimately influence purchasing decisions. We are truly through the looking glass.

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“As we continue to implement our brand strategy and show Australia what we stand for as a brand and our values, it’s more important than ever that we demonstrate who we are at the very first touchpoint for our customers—our homepage,” said Emma Pinwill, Holden’s General Manager of Marketing, Brand, and Media Strategy.

The new website—affectionately dubbed 2.0—repositions information to make it more easily accessed and improves navigation and UI to make things more palatable for prospective customers. Wanna check out featured models? Just scroll down. It’s that simple. 2.0 computer and smartphone responsive

What’s more, its responsive design now means that is consistent across all viewing platforms, whether you’re browsing on a PC, tablet, or smartphone. One can only presume that it also looks the same if you’re browsing on a Sega Dreamcast.

“The design and interactivity of the new website site also reflects Holden’s ongoing focus on technology, connectivity, our digital platforms, and connecting with our customers,” added Pinwill. “With phone projection technology standard in a number of Holden models including the Spark, Insignia, and [soon-to-be-launched] Holden Colorado, smartphone connectivity is now part of everyday life. Our customers expect their vehicles and on-line experiences to integrate seamlessly—Holden is committed to providing that.”

The future is now.

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