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Ben Collins Races ‘Gran Turismo 6’ Gamer at Goodwood in 2015 Focus ST

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Ben CollinsAs part of Ford’s efforts to usher in the new 2015 Focus ST at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, gamers were tasked with going head-to-head in a real vs. rendered race against Ben Collins, who was formerly Top Gear’s The Stig. While Collins may have, at the outset, posed a formidable and impassable challenger, Krisztian Somodi was up to the challenge, taking the wheel of the new Focus ST in Gran Turismo®6 in a race to the clouds.

In the race to set the fastest benchmark for the gamers that would try their hand thereafter, the former Stig and Somodi were nearly evenly matched. Both showed themselves as being extremely comfortable shooting into corners and barreling in between the narrow corridors, but ultimately, this was Ben Collins’ race.Ben Collins

The 2015 Focus ST put up an impressive 1.05:13 lap time against the GT6 Focus ST’s 1.05:23 run, leaving us eager to see what else the 2015 Ford Focus ST can do…and also for a Stig/Somodi rematch.