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Best Exterior Colors Offered by Toyota

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Refreshed 2015 Toyota Auris

Which Toyota color is your favorite?
Pictured: 2015 Toyota Auris

We’re ready to help you cut through the unnecessarily complex array of shades and hues and names buyers must contend with when buying a car. Blue isn’t just blue and white isn’t just white. You must make the distinction between “pearl” blue and “octane” blue, “classic” white and “ice” white. Every car and every automaker offers something different.

Below, we’ll help point you toward the best exterior colors offered by Toyota.

2015 Toyota Camry Colors

2015 Toyota Camry colors

2015 Toyota Camry

The automaker’s best-selling car—and indeed the country’s favorite family sedan—has the usual range of black, gray, and white, but also a vivid “Ruby Flare Pearl” red color and a couple shades of blue. We think the Camry looks best in “Parisian Night Pearl,” and if you’d like to stick with the French theme, the “Crème Brulee Mica” is a beige color that actually looks nice.

2015 Toyota Corolla Colors

2015 Toyota Corolla colors

2015 Toyota Corolla

The Corolla comes with a color choice we don’t often see in the Toyota lineup: green. Or rather, “4Evergreen Mica” (really, Toyota?). “Brown Sugar Metallic” is also a unique one, though our favorite is “Blue Crush Metallic.” Toyota seems to think so too as it uses it in most of its promotional material.

2015 Toyota Highlander Colors

2015 Toyota Highlander colors

2015 Toyota Highlander

“Parisian Night Pearl” is gone but don’t think that means Toyota is done with French-themed colors. Introducing “Ooh La La Rouge Mica,” a dark red tone we imagine is meant to resemble lipstick. Somehow, it works. Our favorite has got to be “Blizzard Pearl,” though, a clean white that really makes the Highlander’s exceptional design stand out.

2015 Toyota Prius Colors

2015 Toyota Prius colors

2015 Toyota Prius

It’s hard to think of a more influential car in the last 20 years, but the Prius hybrid that started it all is remarkably uninventive when it comes to colors. “Classic Silver Metallic” is one of your best choices here, as is “Nautical Blue Metallic,” but if you feel like supporting the best soccer club in the world, you could always go for “Barcelona Red Metallic.” Oh yes, we just went there.

2015 Toyota Tacoma Colors

2015 Toyota Tacoma colors

2015 Toyota Tacoma

The Tacoma has an interesting color choice not seen on many other models called “Inferno.” It’s a burnt orange that we normally find more appropriate on Lamborghinis, yet the Tacoma pulls it off. We’re not quite sure how, but it does. It also comes in simple “Black,” which we just had to mention because it’s so refreshing to find such simple nomenclature when it comes to vehicle colors.

2015 Toyota RAV4 Colors

2015 Toyota RAV4 colors

2015 Toyota RAV4

You know that Toyota’s most popular SUV is meant to tackle off-road conditions because it has a color named after a rock (“they’re minerals, Marie!”). Unfortunately, “Pyrite Mica” is far from being the most stylish for the bunch. We recommend “Classic Silver Metallic,” “Super White,” or “Hot Lava,” which is just a little more orange than Tacoma’s “Inferno.”