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Best Road Trip Destinations: Las Vegas

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Best Road Trip Destinations: Las Vegas

Welcome to Best Road Trip Destinations: Las Vegas Edition

If you feel it’s time for you to get a little bit of sin in your life, there’s no better road trip destinations that Sin City itself. Located in the middle of the Mojave Desert in Southern Nevada, Las Vegas is known for its lavish hotels and casinos, wedding chapels, and top of the line entertainment, making it the prime destination for people around the world.

What You’ll See

When it comes to Las Vegas, the real big question is: What won’t you see? From a museum dedicated to the history of the Mob to the dancing fountains at the Bellagio hotel, it will be difficult to focus on a singular thing for your entire trip. You’ll even see the Eiffel Tower! Granted, it’s not nearly as pretty as the one in Paris, but it’s still pretty spectacular. Hotels and casinos seem to battle it out to be the brightest on the Strip, making it feel like you’re in a night club, even when you’re walking down the street.

Where to Stop

The attractions are endless and really depend on what you’re interested in. The number of performances can change on any given day, ranging from magicians and contortionists to famous music artist belting out their tunes. Madame Tussauds Wax Museum allows you to meet over 100 of the world’s most famous people in a singular place, while the Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio Casino will take you into a flowery world you never imagined. For those looking for something a bit more scandalous, the Erotic Heritage Museum explores the sexual revolution, while BODIES… the Exhibition at the Luxor showcases the human body in a multitude of ways. Those looking for something more family friendly might want to check out the Hoover Dam, which is a sight to see with its wall reaching much higher than you would ever expect.


Before Las Vegas became the party city we know today, it had more humble beginnings as two separate railroad towns, one in the east owned by William Andrews Clark and the other in the west owned by J.T. McWilliams. On May 15, 1905, Las Vegas was officially founded as a city. After President Herbert Hoover began building the Hoover Dam in 1931, the population increased from 5,000 to 25,000 and created a market for large scale entertainment, which Las Vegas business owners, Mormon financiers, and Mafia crime lords all took advantage of.

Great Cars for Vegas

While cruising the strip in an eye-catcher can be tempting, you’ll also want something compact.  The Cadillac ATS Crimson Sport Edition is a best bet, with a sleek design and a frame small enough to slip into that elusive Vegas parking.

Best Road Trip Destinations: Las Vegas

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