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Best Road Trip Drives: California Coast

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Best Road Trip Drives: California Coast

Best Road Trip Drives: California Coast

One of the most iconic images of California living is driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, taking in the beautiful scenery as the wind whips through your hair. With twisting, cliff-hugging curves, this route meanders along the coastline, offering a multitude of interesting places to stop off and just enjoy the California lifestyle. Whether you’re driving from Los Angeles to San Francisco or looking to drive the entire stretch of the Golden State, taking a trip along the rugged, untouched coastline is one road trip you just shouldn’t miss.

What You’ll See

While the moments that the Pacific Coast Highway seems to hang on to the continent for dear life are breathtaking in themselves, when you finally find yourself traveling through acres of soft green farmland, the beauty only intensifies. With a number of road-side stands offering a variety of fresh, delicious goodies, you will be tempted to stop so frequently, it will begin to feel as if you’re on a bus—but in a good way, we promise.

Where to Stop

When you find yourself itching for some action, make sure you stop for a while when you come to Santa Barbara. As one of the few cities along the coast with a serene, Mediterranean feel, it’s the perfect place to shake off the car ride aches and pains. The abundance of red-tile-roofed Spanish Colonial architecture will transport you to a place outside of the United States, while the gorgeous parks will give you a reason to stay for a while.

Once you’re itching to get back on the road, continue down the highway, but make sure you don’t forget about Big Sur—not that it would be difficult to. The picturesque mountain ranges appear to erupt from the waves themselves, while California Condors fly overhead. Even if you didn’t plan to in the beginning of your road trip, you’re definitely going to want to stop here and enjoy the Tolkien-esque feel of beautiful mountains.

With its mixture of coastal cities and long stretches of deserted road, taking the Pacific Coast Highway along the shores of California is one of the most ideal road trips imaginable and the available attractions are endless. Do you have any favorite stops along the coastal highway you’d like to share? Tell us about them below!