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KBB Names Veloster Turbo Best Sporty Compact Car in Cost to Own Awards

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Veloster Turbo Best Sporty Compact Car in Cost to Own Awards

KBB Names Veloster Turbo Best Sporty Compact Car in Cost to Own Awards

Just a bit before revealing the Veloster RE:FLEX special edition at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, the Veloster Turbo was the recipient of one of Kelley Blue Book’s prestigious 5-Year Cost to Own Awards. The Veloster Turbo trumped the MazdaSpeed3 and Honda Civic Si to take home the title of Best Sporty Compact Car, thanks in large part to its sporty-yet-efficient performance.

Combining “unconventional styling and engaging performance like no other vehicle on the road today,” the Veloster Turbo boasts a five-year cost to own total of $36,155. The cost effectiveness of the Veloster Turbo is more than $2,500 better than the second-place finisher, the Focus ST, and more than $7,500 better than the third-place Impreza WRX.

“The Veloster Turbo’s impressive fuel economy and low depreciation, coupled with Hyundai’s 10-year, 100,000 mile warranty, make it an excellent choice for those looking for a fun, compact sports car,” said KBB’s vice president of vehicle evaluations, Dan Ingle.


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The two-time-and-reigning Best Sporty Compact Car was praised by KBB’s judges for its original asymmetrical door arrangement, which grants it better flexibility and an unmistakable profile, and as being one of only two compact cars to offer a panoramic moonroof. The Veloster Turbo has an unmistakable look and impressive performance to match, thanks to the 201 horsepower abilities of the 1.6-liter Turbo GDI DOHC four-cylinder engine with Dual-CVVT. Mated to a six-speed manual transmission, the Veloster Turbo returns 33 mpg highway, ensuring that drivers will get the most mileage for their money in addition to a superbly sporty ride.

“The Veloster Turbo was engineered to be an entry-level sports car that also provides the efficiency of a subcompact vehicle as well as superior ergonomics,” said Scott Margason, director, Product Planning, Hyundai Motor America, in a press release. “Receiving this award from showcases Hyundai’s ability to offer both excitement and efficiency, all wrapped up in one package.”

Let us know your thoughts: is the Veloster Turbo well and truly the Best Sporty Compact Car on the market, or do you feel that the competition is better suited to your needs even with a higher five-year cost to own price tag?

Veloster Awards: Hyundai Veloster Receives Award from

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  • ExVTowner

    “KBB Names Veloster Turbo Best Sporty Compact Car in Cost to Own Awards ” Yes, true. I have owned the car for about 1 yr and 3 month. I have traded and got Civic si sedan (which kills my MPG compared to VT and premium gas). For sure it is very cost effective car. If you want to have some fun, good MPG and Looks. It is best bang for the bucks. Except it lacks in steering feeling and suspension.. This was my decision to trade to a different car. I do miss the car. It has one of the best infotainment system and interior is one of its kind. But.. Driving dynamics needs to be improved. Hopefully Hyundai will tune to have a better suspension and steering on the next gen or on the facelift. Hopefully it will have an independent suspension at least on the rear.. and fix the wheel hop.D=.. Well if you are looking for a perfect car you probably have to spend more than 30k+, this car is barely over 22k with a manual and without a tech package. I think it deserves “KBB Names Veloster Turbo Best Sporty Compact Car in Cost to Own Awards”. =D