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BIG NEWS: GM is Beta-Testing New Press Sites for GMC and Buick

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GMC Beta Pressroom

The NEW-LOOK GMC pressroom!

We understand that it’s Monday and that there is likely a ton of news yet to cover in July for the automotive industry, but given today’s revelation, we feel as if we can just go ahead and call this this biggest piece of news for the month—if not for the second half of 2015.

Are you ready? Well, here it is: GMC and Buick are beta-testing new press sites.

Catch your breath. Take all the time you need.

Back in March, Cadillac took another step in the direction of distinguishing itself as an entity separate from GM by upgrading to a new pressroom with a bold, clean, and image-friendly look that is quite different from the utilitarian look of GM, Chevy, Buick, and GMC’s press pages. Now, it appears that Buick and GMC will be getting the same treatment sometime in the very near future.

Old GMC Press Room

The boring ol’ GMC press room as it is today

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Dropdown Menu

This dropdown menu is like your doorway to Narnia

As of press time, the old-style Buick and GMC press sites remain, bearing similarly drab designs to that of Chevy and GM’s pressrooms. However, if you click on the “More GM Brands” drop-down tab at the top of the page, you’ll see links to the Buick and GMC beta pages.

These pages offer a more intuitive layout with better access to product details, images, and videos. Like we said, this is the most important auto news you’re going to read this week.

Buick Videos


We can’t wait until the new Buick and GMC pressrooms are put into action! Here’s hoping Chevrolet and OnStar press site revamps are right around the corner! Then, once that’s done, Opel Europe could use some love.

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