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Blake Griffin Takes Off in Kia Optima “Fighter Pilot” Ad

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Blake Griffin stars in the new Kia Optima ad "Fighter Pilot"

Blake Griffin stars in the new Kia Optima ad “Fighter Pilot”

NBA star and Kia Optima spokesman Blake Griffin is starring in a series of ads for the midsize sedan, all based around the premise of Griffin “improvising” his way through big-budget action movies. The first one featured Griffin as the sheriff in an unorthodox western, while the latest finds him in a role that’s a bit more reminiscent of Top Gun:

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After trading in his horse for an Optima in the last ad, Griffin makes the same unusual vehicle choice when playing a fighter pilot.

“Cars don’t fly,” the director gently reminds Blake.

“This Optima does,” he answers, before plugging the sedan’s “high-tech cockpit” and turbocharged engine. But then Griffin’s sales pitch is undermined by his own commercial’s buzzkill disclaimer:

Kia Optima Blake Griffin fighter pilot commercial

You don’t say?

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No word on whether Griffin is as ruthlessly efficient when filming these ads as fellow All-star/Kia spokesman LeBron James.