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Blue Skies in Beijing, People Amazed

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It’s no secret that China has some seriously nasty air, with some claiming that an estimated 500,000 people die prematurely each year due to the excessive air pollution. Heck, one study showed that babies carried and born during the relatively low-pollution Olympics year (2008) were heavier than babies from different years.

That’s probably why, when the sky was blue over Beijing for over a week, the people were amazed, sharing pictures on social media site Sina Weibo. And we have to admit, it looks pretty amazing.

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On social media site Sina Weibo, this phenomenon is being discussed as #ParadeBlue.

This inexplicable clearing of the air is part of Beijing’s effort to create clear skies for its celebration of Allied victory in WWII. To do so, the city banned private vehicles from the roads every other day according to license plate number, and also halted or limited production in almost 2,000 factories and industrial enterprises.

This is combined with efforts of the surrounding cities of Hebei, Shanxi, Shandon, and Tianjin to guarantee improved air quality in Beijing beginning on August 28th.

All in all, Beijing has enjoyed record low pollution levels, reaching an Air Quality Index of 46 at the US consulate at the time of writing, which is considered Good, with little to no risk from pollution.

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