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Blue Thunder Prius Plug-In Hits the Streets of Britain

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Blue Thunder Prius Plug-In

Blue Thunder Prius Plug-In

If you live in the city, chances are you don’t need a car for everyday use. But then there’s that occasional day where you need a car, and you’re tired of asking friends or family members to step in and help. Luckily, many cities are now offering car-sharing programs that allow you to pay for a car when you need it, and leave it when you don’t. In the UK, one such service—City Car Club—is a particular fan of eco-friendly cars like the Toyota Prius.

Of City Car Club’s fleet of 830, 600 are Toyotas. As it has seen plenty of success with these vehicles, the club is now adding the Prius Plug-In. In order to welcome the plug-in hybrid vehicle to its fleet, City Car Club asked its followers on social media to help name the car.

Due to its ability to run on electricity alone, fans suggested names like “Sparky,” “Electra,” and “Blue Thunder.” Due to its light blue color, City Car Club chose the latter as the winning name, and so the Blue Thunder Prius Plug-In was born! The name was chosen by Jaylee Duncan, and her reward was a driving credit that totaled £30 (roughly $47) that she can use on any City Car Club vehicle.

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