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BlueIndy Car-Sharing Service Opens Station at Indianapolis Airport

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BlueIndy Car

The BlueIndy car-sharing service will open its largest station yet at the Indianapolis International Airport

BlueIndy, a car-sharing service located in Indianapolis, is looking to help people go green—even when they’re just visiting the city. The company recently announced its plan to offer its biggest station yet, located at the Indianapolis International Airport.

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This new car-sharing station is a huge step forward for BlueIndy. Through this lucrative deal, the operation will have 20 spaces to provide airport-goers with the transportation to and from the airport they desperately need. In fact, company officials believe that more consumers will use the service while going to the airport, which is why the BlueIndy airport station is the largest one yet.

BlueIndy isn’t just convenient, though—it’s also cost-efficient. If you plan on using the service one time, or for a single day, membership is absolutely free. All you have to do is spend $8 for 20 minutes plus a $6 airport surcharge. If you happen to go over 20 minutes, it only costs 40 cents a minute.

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Car-sharing service users aren’t the only ones who benefit from this new program. The airport does, too. BlueIndy’s airport surcharge goes straight to the airport, making it part of the 30% of annual revenue that is created by transportation services.

News Source: USA Today