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Surf’s Up: A BMW Car Pool

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Four presumably drunk men looking for a unique joyride just brought a whole new meaning to the words “car pool.” These daring and innovative lawbreakers turned an unregistered BMW convertible into a literal BMW car pool (you know, one with water and not just an extra passenger crammed into the back seat) just last weekend.

The adventurous voyagers were spotted by a German police officer on a motorcycle in southern Saxony, who noticed that the drunkards had boarded up the open-top convertible with wood to make it look like a pirate ship. Plastic flowers strung around the edges completed the ensemble. Oh, and one more thing: the BMW was filled to the brim with water.

BMW Car Pool beach photoAs the group of Jolly Rogers cruised down the roadways, they wore nothing but their swimming trunks. One of the young men was even reportedly just sitting on the edge of the BMW car pool convertible with only his feet dipped in. As soon as the officer spotted the inexplicable automobile, he began to pursue them. But the car’s crew took notice, and the driver floored it (a difficult feat with increased water pressure) and took off toward a car park. (Much of the water sloshed out at this point.)

Eventually, the drunk men abandoned the BMW car pool and fled to a nearby riverbed that was—ironically enough—completely dry, while police inspected the vehicle. Upon inspection, the police realized that, however senselessly drunk the lads were, they were at least quite crafty. They had managed to hollow out the inside of the BMW, paint it blue (like a swimming pool), and make it fully functional even when filled with water. Kudos to the brain that engineered that one.

Just in case the crazy crew were to return to attempt to commandeer their abandoned ship, the officer let the air out of the tires and even disconnected the spark plug leads. Police were right in thinking that they would return, but not for the boat, apparently. The captain of the ship instead came back to claim his wallet and his shoes, but he denied driving the vehicle. The police let him have his belongings in exchange for a blood sample, presumably to determine if he had actually been intoxicated.

It’s likely he’ll be charged with driving an unregistered and uninsured car under the influence. But as for the car full of water, well—I have a feeling that one is not in the law books.

Not just yet, at least.

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