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BMW Concept Makes an Impression at CES 2016

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BMW i Vision Future Interaction 2

Last month, we discussed the AirTouch technology that BMW was scheduled to bring to the International Consumer Electronics Show 2016. Little did we know that we should have been more excited for the concept car the technology was attached to. The BMW i Vision Future Interaction Concept Car is a beautiful vehicle that gives us a look at the future of BMW and the i Series.

The new BMW i Vision Future Interaction looks like an updated BMW i8 with its doors removed. That’s not to say that it isn’t impressive on its own, though. Within the car is the future of vehicle interiors, which includes the AirTouch system to reduce the amount of dials and buttons required to operate the vehicle. The concept vehicle also uses a heads-up display to help drivers keep their eyes focused on the road.

Check out the concept car from all the angles:


In addition to the concept vehicle, BMW is also showing off Gesture Control Parking at CES 2016. With a simple gesture, the BMW i3 can maneuver into and out of a parking spot on its own. The Open Mobility Cloud and BMW Connected prototype was introduced on the BMW i3 as well. The futuristic system can network with select smart devices to alert an owner if their car is being tampered with and display weather and upcoming events on a Mobility Mirror. It will be interesting to see what features make it to upcoming production vehicles.