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BMW Reminds Us “Don’t Postpone Joy” in Time-Lapse Ad

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Ever have those moments when it feels like it was just yesterday that you got your first car… or graduated high school… and then you realize that you’re married and having your first child? Do you wonder where all the in-between moments went and what you can do to make the most of the ones you have left?

Those are seriously profound and moving thoughts, and especially unexpected when raised by a car commercial. Such is the case with BMW India’s latest ad that suggests we “don’t postpone joy.” Admittedly, the brand’s solution to this draining cycle is disappointingly shallow. But, that doesn’t mean genuine emotion won’t be stirred in the viewer.

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Don’t Postpone Joy… and Just Drive that BMW before You’re Too Old

In Hyundai India’s ad that implores that we don’t postpone joy, we’re first introduced to an anonymous man at the time of his infancy. From the moment he’s a baby, we’re taken through a rapid succession of snapshots as he quickly progresses through every notable stage of life. We see him “go from zero to sixty,” as the commercial says, in fifteen seconds of film. Birthdays, graduation, marriage, and having children– it’s all there. And it passes that quickly.

Facing you with this truth of the human existence, the narrator asks: “At what point do you want to start enjoying the drive?”

The solution? Buy that BMW today!

BMW ad don't postpone joy India

This ad was specifically created to target many in the Indian community who believe in saving for the future and postponing the luxuries of life. The fairly obvious endgame is to improve luxury car sales. That’s not hidden at all in the conclusion of BMW’s commercial. The earlier you obtain something, the more time you will have to enjoy it. So, spend your money!

For most viewers, that solution won’t be the their gut reaction to being faced with how quickly their lives are moving. While that may not be BMW’s true intent when it tells us “don’t postpone joy,” it may cause many of us to spend extra time with our loved ones today.

And, while a BMW is luxurious, that is truly priceless.

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