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BMW Emergency Vehicles Make You Feel Safer, Sexier

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BMW Emergency Vehicles

BMW emergency vehicles: To Serve, Protect, and Be Fine as Hell

It’s highly unlikely that many people have any particular interest in traveling in an emergency vehicle (that is, unless they are an emergency worker). Nobody thinks “gee, I’d really like to ride in an ambulance today, so what can I do to expedite that process?” You know what might just change your mind on the matter? BMW emergency vehicles that are so sexy you might willingly break your ankle just to get a lift in one and smell that sweet, sweet interior.

The BMW emergency vehicle lineup will be making its debut at this year’s RETTmobil rescue vehicle trade show. From what we’ve seen in pictures, there’s more than enough reason to feel safe (and maybe even a little sexy) with these first-response vehicles roaming the streets.

BMW Emergency Vehicles

Paging Doctor Sexy. Paging Doctor Sexy.

The most prominently featured is the BMW X5 xDrive 30d paramedic vehicle, which you can get a big heaping eyeful of in the gallery below.

BMW Emergency Vehicles: X5 xDrive 30d Paramedic Vehicle

The lineup also consists of the 325d Gran Turismo “covert emergency” vehicle, X1 xDrive 20d fire command vehicle, 325i Coupe paramedic version, X3 xDrive 20d, and BMW R 1200 RT motorcycle for police, rescue, and escort duty.

BMW Emergency Vehicles

Further information on BMW emergency vehicles can be found at

Here’s what we want to know: would you be more or less intimidated if the police officer roaring up behind you was behind the wheel of a badass BMW?