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BMW Group Creates Degree Program At Oxford Brookes University

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2016 BMW M2 Exterior

When choosing a degree, some students choose one that aligns with their interests, and others choose their fields of study based on the companies that they want to work for. For students studying in Britain that aspire to work for BMW, the automaker has joined forces with Oxford Brookes University to create a tailor-made degree program.

Students in the four year program will split their school time between the Oxford Brookes University, the German OTH Regensburg school, and in a work placement at BMW Group Plant Regensburg. As a student moves through the program, they will be supported by a mentor employed by BMW.

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Upon graduation, a student who completes the program will earn a Bachelors of Science degree in Business and Automotive Management and will have been groomed to take a place in the automotive world, especially at BMW. The BMW group and Oxford Brookes University have worked together in the past to form apprenticeship programs.

According to Bob Shankly, HR Director for BMW Group Manufacturing in the UK, “Employers today are working far more closely with universities and colleges to ensure courses better reflect the skills and knowledge actually required in the workplace. We’re delighted to have had the opportunity to develop this new degree in collaboration with Oxford Brookes and look forward to welcoming the first students on the course.”

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This is not the first time a big employer has influenced a university’s degree program. Perhaps systems like this will gain traction to help students be more sure they can find work after graduation.

News Source: The Auto Channel