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BMW Group Releases Dieselgate Statement

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2016 BMW X5 M and BMW X6 M (5)

BMW X6 M (L) and 2016 BMW X5 M (R)

It’s popular knowledge by now that Volkswagen is in a lot of trouble for cheating on emissions testing for its diesel engines. With this revelation comes increased scrutiny on automakers that also have diesel models, including the BMW Group.

Late last week, the Bavarian manufacturer released a statement to confirm to an anxious public that its vehicles have always complied with emissions laws and will continue to do so.

BMW is committed to investing in diesel engines, as when diesel technology is used correctly it helps reduce emissions from vehicles. BMW is confident in its EfficientDynamics Program, and continues to support the overall development of diesel technology. The automaker believes that to achieve emissions goals in the EU, trains and other public transportation will have to be switched from regular gas to diesel, especially in areas where electric engines are not feasible.

BMW closes by saying it supports the European Union’s move to change emissions testing to imitate real-life driving conditions, as opposed to the lab setting that allowed Volkswagen to rig its results.

With all the controversy now surrounding diesel technology, will you purchase a diesel car in the near future? BMW is continuing to invest in electric vehicles, so there is another option for drivers who prefer a green energy source.