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BMW Highlights Water Injection, 1 Series, and 2 Series at Geneva Show

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BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car at Geneva Motor Show

Dr. Norbert Reithofer speaks about the edgy, water-injected M4 safety coupe
Photo: BMW Group

The 85th Geneva Motor Show is already underway, and BMW took the stage to introduce upgrades to its popular European models. BMW’s press conference took place on a stylish driving strip that functioned as a dynamic, rotating catwalk for multiple automotive models.

Three Speeches by BMW Executives at the Geneva Motor Show

BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car at Geneva Motor Show

Hearing about BMW’s safety car legacy
Photo: BMW Group

BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Coupe Showcase

After a rousing rock music introduction, and a brief appearance by the MotoGP safety cycle, a matte-black M4 Safety Car roared onto the stage, revving its engine and flashing its red lights.

Dr. Norbert Reithofer, Chairman of the Board of Management for BMW AG, began the press conference by reflecting on the 99-year heritage of BMW and its ongoing involvement in motorsports. Because of the legacy of BMW safety cars and the high standards safety cars like the M4 MotoGP have to meet, the automaker has developed a water injection system.

“The injected water spray cools the intake air and provides a significant increase in performance. At the same time, it reduces fuel consumption and emissions,” said Reithofer in his speech. “The benefits of our water injection will soon be available to our BMW M customers as well.”

He also boasted of the automaker’s milestone of a combined 2 million sales (for BMW, MINI, and Rolls Royce) in 2014 and the 44% increase in BMW M sales last year.

BMW 1 Series Showcase

BMW 1 Series M135i at Geneva Motor Show

Ten years of success for the BMW 1 Series
Photo: BMW Group

After the Safety Coupe left the stage, two more sharp-looking vehicles were paraded across the catwalk: a copper BMW M135i and an onyx BMW 120d, both with xDrive.

Klaus Fröhlich, who worked closely with the BMW 1 Series as Head of the Product Line, stepped on stage to discuss the next-generation updates to the 1 Series. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the model series, the automaker has made updates like a sporty redesign, LED lights, high-quality interior touches, TwinPower Turbo technology, and driving assist systems.

“The BMW 1 Series is best proof of the fact that premium also works in the compact class,” stated Fröhlich. “Today around 10 percent of all BMW vehicles sold are 1 Series vehicles. Since its launch in 2004, around two million customers have chosen a BMW 1 Series model.”

Executives like Fröhlich believe this success comes from the 1 Series’ exclusive rear-wheel drive and 50:50 weight distribution.

BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer

BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer at Geneva Motor Show

Pushing boundaries in the compact crossover segment with the 2 Series Gran Tourer
Photo: BMW Group

The last model on display was what BMW Sales and Marketing representative Dr. Ian Robertson called the “world’s first premium Multi-Purpose Vehicle”: the BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer. The brand produced this seven-seat premium compact model by pioneering driving pleasure in a new form.

“The BMW 2 Series Gran Tourer unites the segment’s traditional attributes of roominess and flexibility with the hallmark BMW values of dynamics, elegance, premium quality and safety,” explained Robertson. “It fully meets the mobility needs of young and active families.”

Highlights that make the 2 Series Gran Tourer so unique include a sliding second row, collapsible third row, five engine options, 220xDrive with four-wheel drive, and class-leading tech features.

The press conference concluded on an unexpectedly personal note as Dr. Norbert Reithofer returned to the stage to announce this was his last appearance at a motor show. He graciously thanked everyone in attendance–including the media–for over eight years of trust and honest feedback. Reithofer’s integrity reflects the integrity of the brand’s as a whole, which is why we’ve remained devoted fans.