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BMW i Project Awarded Recognition from the United Nations

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BMW i3 Outdoor Charging Red

It’s no secret that BMW is committed to preserving the environment. Its i Series makes driving an electric vehicle fun and more acceptable to the masses. One of the automaker’s latest projects to bring more charging stations to America’s east and west coasts is earning it some serious recognition from the United Nations.

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By the end of this year, BMW hopes to have created Express charging corridors along the coast with ChargePoint. The goal is to make electric cars more attractive along the heavily populated coasts, since fast charging makes topping off batteries more convenient than ever. Once the project is complete, approximately 100 stations will have been added to America’s infrastructure. On the West Coast, stations will be between Portland, LA, San Francisco and San Diego. The East Coast’s charging stations will focus on the roadways connecting Boston and Washington, D.C..

This American project is one of more than 30 that BMW has initiated with global partners to install more than 3,000 DC and 1,300 AC charging stations for electric cars. At the stations, a BMW i3 will be fully charged in abut 20 minutes.

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The effort to make charging stations more accessible to prospective drivers led to the United Nations conferring the “Momentum for Change” award to BMW during the UN Climate Conference. Hopefully the award will inspire them to keep building stations.