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BMW i3 Named the 2017 World Urban Car

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DriveNow BMW i3

Little BMW in the big city

If you’ve seen it in person, or even if you’ve only seen a picture of it, you can probably tell that the BMW i3 is not a very large vehicle. However, sometimes the best vehicles aren’t always the largest ones.

At least, that’s what judges at the New York International Auto Show believe, which is why they named the BMW i3 the 2017 World Urban Car.

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A new category for the World Car awards given out during the New York International Auto Show, the World Urban Car title is granted to a vehicle that is ideal for city drivers. For a number of reasons, the judges selected the 2017 BMW i3 for that honor.

The i3’s small size lends to increased vehicle maneuverability. This allows the BMW i3 to easily park in spaces that larger cars would struggle with.

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Not only that, but the electric capabilities of the BMW i3 also made it an appealing choice for the judges. The 2017 BMW i3 receives an extra electric boost, thanks to its higher energy lithium ion cells.

Using this new battery system, the 2017 BMW i3 is able to achieve a 50% increased battery capacity at 33 kWh. At the same time, the new lithium ion cell battery takes up no extra room, allowing for the i3 to maintain its small stature.

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“Everyday cars in many – perhaps most – parts of the world will have to become smaller if road and parking space is to be found for them in increasingly packed towns and cities whose populations are swelling annually,” explained Mike Rutherford, the World Car vice-chairman. “This year’s winner in our inaugural World Urban Car category proves that these small vehicles don’t have to be cheap, undesirable and unpleasant to drive. Quite the opposite. It is among the best value-for-money products on the market.”

With another impressive title under its belt, the BMW i3 is proving that you don’t have to go big to go far in the automotive world.