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BMW i8 Adds Red Special Edition

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BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition

When buying a really cool car, sometimes you have to sacrifice the ability to choose your favorite color in the interest of getting the best vehicle for you. Cars like the Chevrolet Spark are available in fun colors (like purple and bright green), but the BMW i Series, renowned for great EV technology and style, are available in very limited hues. Currently, the BMW i8 is available in shades of grey, silver, white, black, and blue. Recently it was announced that BMW is planning on adding a new color to that lineup – a brilliant shade of red.

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Photo: Automotive Discovery

The addition of the red hue makes sense, since the BMW i8 is a sports car at heart and red is one of the most iconic sports car colors. While artwork and photographs of the model wearing its new color have been released, the press will have its first opportunity to see the car in person at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show early in March. The vehicle is officially called the BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition, and will be produced in Leipzig starting in July. It will be available for only a limited time, with plans for other special edition vehicles to follow soon afterwards. Red will continue in the stitching on the vehicle’s seats, and the additional accent color will be Frozen Grey metallic.

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This special edition from BMW is meant to celebrate the BMW i8’s success as the world’s most successful hybrid sports car. We can’t wait to see what the future special edition i8 vehicles will look like.