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BMW M2 “Clubsport” Lands in California

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2016 BMW M2 Badge

It’s no secret that the world has fallen in love with the BMW M2. The rumors are running wild around the world that the model is rapidly selling out, and those people lucky enough to place orders already have delivery dates well into 2017. Road & Track was invited recently to BMW’s test track in California, BMW Performance Center West, and they got a peek at a BMW M2 ‘Clubsport’ car modified for the track.

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The Clubsport designation this car is referred to is not an official name, but rather what the track crew called it when discussing it with the Road & Track team. This version of the BMW M2 is a coupe built for speed, rather than creature comforts. One of the most notable features is a lack of center stack console that comes in the lowest BMW M2 trim. Instead of a big screen for iDrive, the screen has been scaled down and navigation has been removed. Climate controls are much simpler as well, and the smaller setup helps the car shed valuable pounds for better track performance.

This performance trim’s bucket seats were also built for the purpose of shedding weight, as these seats are much lighter and also have fewer adjustment options. The team also reported that the BMW M2s that they examined had dual-clutch automated transmissions. While the reporters met the other adjustments with understanding, this decision made them recoil from the car a bit. They conceded that it could make the car faster on the track, but it took away some of the car’s power.

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The BMW M2 headed to showrooms is already a hit, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the brand made a push to build this stripped-down race car version for more sales to a wider audience. We’ll let you know if the ‘Clubsport’ trim ever gets an official name, or if it will enter the market at all.

News Source: Road & Track