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BMW M2 Upgraded to MotoGP Safety Car

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BMW MotoGP Safety Car 2016

All licensed drivers know that when they see lights in their rearview mirror, it is time to pull over, even if it’s a police car ready to give you a ticket. If the new BMW M2 Safety Car took to the streets with its lights on, we have the feeling that drivers would pull over out of simple respect (and to catch a better look at this sharp car).

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The MotoGP is a motorcycle racing championship that represents the best that motorcycle road racing has to offer. While BMW does manufacture motorcycles in its BMW Motorrad arm, BMW’s M Division is the line on display during Grand Prix weekends. The brand and the racing series have been partners since 1999 (and is set to continue until at least 2020), and as part of the arrangement BMW provides modified M cars to serve as Safety Cars.

This year’s Safety Car is based off of the highly-anticipated production BMW M2, and it certainly looks sharp and ready to lead the field at a racing event (like a NASCAR pace car but much, much cooler). It’s also a big departure from last year’s Safety Car, which was built from a BMW M4 and was an intimidating black cruiser.

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BMW MotoGP Safety Car 2016

Besides providing Safety Cars, the BMW M award is bestowed on the best MotoGP qualifier at the close of the season.