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Burn Rubber with BMW M4 Safety Car in Gran Turismo 6

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BMW M4 Safety Car in Gran Turismo 6 Ferino Design

Get ready to be in the driver’s seat of a BMW safety car… virtually!
Photo: Ferino Design via CC

Racing games just keep getting better and better—not just for their immersive gameplay mechanics. With graphics improving every year, cars are looking more and more like the real things, down to the specific model year. Essentially, we’re driving actual vehicles we never could in real life. How cool is that?!

So, with the vast selection of high-end vehicles available to be marketed to video game fans, it’s a little surprising that BMW chose its M4 Safety Car as part of a free update in November for Gran Turismo 6 owners.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the BMW i8 safety car we saw lead the Formula E events, but we’re still interested in the BMW M4 Safety Car in Gran Turismo 6.

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The BMW M4 Safety Car in Gran Turismo 6 Started at SEMA

When you think of dynamic, fierce racing cars in video games, you probably imagine the most expensive, amped-up vehicles on the market—or even unique concept vehicles that will never make it to production. You don’t think of a pace car that stops a race during caution intervals to slow things down.

Then again, a pace car could be a fitting vehicle to Gran Turismo 6: it determines the speed of the race and won’t let anyone else pass it. Safety cars have been part of racing for over 100 years, and if one was ever let loose, who knows what could happen!

For many, the M Performance M4 Safety Car’s reveal was the highlight of BMW’s contribution to the 2014 SEMA show. That excitement was partly fueled by the announcement that Polyphony Digital, the makers of Gran Turismo 6,  is releasing it as a free unlockable for game owners. Attendees to the show even got to give the new car a whirl—virtually, of course.

BMW claims it worked closely with Polyphony Digital to render the BMW M4 Safety Car in Gran Turismo 6 as realistically as possible. Based on the series-production 2015 BMW M4 Coupe, the BMW M4 Safety Car in Gran Turismo 6 imitates an impressive real-life car.

The actual safety car is loaded with M Performance parts like  a carbon fiber splitter system, carbon fiber rear spoiler, black BMW kidney grilles, titanium exhaust system, and LED grille-mounted flashers. Pretty stylish for a safety car!

Just because the BMW M4 Safety Car in Gran Turismo 6 is that in name—a safety car—don’t expect us to be playing it safe.

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