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BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept Mirrors Brand’s Future

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BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept

The BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept

BMW is taking a page from the Jetson’s with the introduction of their Vision Future Luxury concept car at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show. With a sleek style and front end design that looks as if its stepped off the pages of a science fiction novel, the BMW Vision Future Luxury concept car gives media an in-the-flesh look at both the future design theme for BMW and a rumored flagship model.


PHOTOS: Designing the BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept

“Innovative technology and modern luxury have always been an important part of BMW’s brand DNA,” says Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design. “We use visionary concept vehicles like the BMW Vision Future Luxury to show where we may be going with these themes in the future, and to give us new inspiration and motivation. The BMW Vision Future Luxury—with its innovative technologies and with meticulous precision and quality in every detail—takes our thinking on modern luxury a logical stage further.”


PHOTOS: The BMW Vision Future Luxury Concept

And a step further it does take. With an innovative interior design that features intelligent lightweight engineering, seen in the use of carbon fabric, and a newly designed instrument panel that surrounds the driver in a wrap-around cluster, there’s no denying that BMW’s newest concept appeals to critics and consumers alike. There’s even a retractable table in the back seats!
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