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BMW’s Connected Technology Highlights at CES 2015

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BMW's Connected Technology connected console tablet

While few automakers are making a splash at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, BMW has fully embraced the opportunity to show its cutting-edge automotive innovations. BMW’s connected technology on display at the 2015 CES proves the automaker is still at the forefront of digital integration.

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BMW’s Connected Technology at CES 2015 Includes Credit Cards and Key Fobs

Here’s a brief glimpse at some of BMW’s connected technology on display at this year’s show:

BMW's Connected Technology credit card key

Credit Card:

Use the BMW Group Mastercard to unlock doors to vehicles rented through the automaker’s DriveNow program. By holding the  card against the windscreen of any 1 Series or i3s booked through DriveNow, customers can unlock vehicles without needing a key thanks to near field communication (NFC) technology. Currently, this device is only available in Germany on fleet vehicles rented by-the-minute, but will soon spread to all seven global cities participating in the car-sharing service.


BMW's Connected Technology i Mobility TV app integration remote

BMW i Connected Mobility:

BMW i3s will have a built-in SIM card to directly link with personal calendars, smart TVs, smartwatches, and smartphones. Use your device–including your television–to plan your trips (short or long) by accessing BMW’s i Remote functions, including battery charge level, vehicle lock status, driving range map, and Real Time Traffic Information. Synchronize with your appointment calendar and create a personal mobility agenda, or book available vehicles in the DriveNow program.


BMW's Connected Technology connected console tablet

Remote Control Display:

Expect greater integration between the touchscreen Control Display and personal electronic devices, like smartphones and tablets. Passengers will be able to control the entertainment and climate functions remotely using iDrive Controller integration with personal devices, and drivers will use gestures to input data in the Control Display without direct touch (using a camera on the car’s roof).


BMW's Connected Technology key fob with display

Key Fob with Display:

Ever sit on your key fob in a restaurant only to walk out to your car and find it unlocked your car—or worse, popped your trunk? BMW has a solution: a modernized key fob with 2.2 inch hi-res LCD display screen. The remote key will show the status of the locks (engaged or disengaged) and the battery charge status—useful when waiting around for your EV to fill up. The device uses a three-dimensional glass surface and aluminium clasps, controlled by touchscreen swipes, powered by a lithium-ion battery that can be recharged using special tray in center console or micro USB port.

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