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Bracketron EZCharge Dual Pro 4.8A & Single 2.4A USB Chargers Reviews

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Did this little black car charger fix the biggest problem with USB ports?

Bracketron EZCharge Pro Dual 4.8A car charger

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Back in the mid-’90s, a group of some of the most influential computer technology companies in the world, including such groups as as Intel, IBM, and Microsoft, all sat down around a table (we imagine it was a very, very large table), and said to each other, “We need to stop having, like, a million different plugs for all of our computer for each separate thing.”

And thus the Universal Serial Bus, or USB, was born. It was a vast improvement and exploded in popularity; however, from the moment of its creation, there was a problem: no matter what, the first time you tried to plug in a USB device, you inevitably had it upside down, forcing you to squint in confusion at the end of the plug for a moment before turning it around and trying again.

Well, Bracketron says no more, introducing a car charger that declares it has an “Anyway USB,” letting you plug in either direction. But can it pull it off?

Product: Bracketron EZCharge Dual Pro 4.8A
Manufacturer: Bracketron
MSRP: $24.99
Part #: BT2-649-2/BT2-650-2
Website: www.Bracketron.com


From the outside, the charger’s packaging looks more or less like what you would expect from a car charger–it uses a black/white/green color scheme to convey a modern appeal, while leaving a clear plastic window for you to visually inspect the charger inside.

Once you open the box (after struggling briefly with the cellophane sealing tape circle), the packaging gets a little more interesting, with the charger nested snugly between two molded layers of plastic, like James Bond’s latest device in a foam-lined suitcase.

I have to say, I was very amused by this.

Other than the charger itself, the packaging also included a small, folded strip of paper advertising Bracketron’s other products, as well as presenting an invitation to register the product for a lifetime warranty and to follow Bracketron on Facebook or Twitter for 15% off your next online Bracketron purchase. There are no instructions, but if you bought the EZCharge Dual Pro in the first place, odds are that you already have the general gist of its use.

Bracketron EZCharge Pro Dual 4.8A car charger

Product Quality

At first unboxing, you can’t exactly tell what it is made of, save that it almost seems to be plastic. That is, except for its weight–the charger seems too heavy for plastic. After leaving it in the cold car for one night (or just reading the back of the box), though, it becomes obvious that the charger has weight because it is made of metal, or “sleek black aluminum,” as Bracketron puts it. That means that, should you accidentally drop and/or step on it, it’s unlikely that it would shatter into a bunch of shards like cheaper alternatives.

The charger plugs in easily with only the minor resistance of the spring-loaded side bars. It fits well, without wiggling around, and the bars hold the charger in fairly securely. While I wouldn’t try hanging anything from it, the charger will certainly not fall out on its own, or maybe not even if you drop you phone while it is plugged in.

As for its actual functions, the questions become simple:

Does it work with a 12 volt power point?


Bracketron EZCharge Pro Dual 4.8A car charger

Does it charge things plugged into it?

You betcha. I charged a few different devices using the EZCharge (you can tell when it is working when a green light comes on), and it charged each in a timely manner (the only measurable charge I was able to perform was on my cell phone, which charged from about 30% to 90% over the course of a 1.5 hour drive).

Bracketron EZCharge Pro Dual 4.8A car charger

However, the biggest and most important question is this: Can you really plug USB cords in both ways?

Yes. Yes you can. It is awesome. After using it only a few times, I found myself looking down on my old, plastic, one-way USB charger. I kept feeling bashful every time I reflexively checked the orientation of the USB port on the cord, because it no longer mattered what way I tried to plug it in. Once the cord was plugged in, by the way, the fit was snug, with none of the wiggling you might have expected from added space.

This product’s retail price is somewhat higher than other two-port 4.8A car chargers, though I expect this is because many competitors are made of plastic (others made of aluminum were much closer in price), and because of the EZCharge’s unique either-way USB ports.

Overall Review

The EZCharge is a perfectly functional USB car charger with the added addition of being the future of USB technology. Honestly, it baffles me that USBs have been around since the ’90s and yet nobody has mass-marketed a USB port that doesn’t care which side of the little ducky mouth is pointed up. Good job, Bracketron, on creating a sturdy, improved version of something many people use every day.

Bracketron EZCharge Pro Dual 4.8A car charger

The only problem is the price, but the higher price pays for higher quality and innovative technology. Expertise and invention like that should be rewarded. In addition, should everybody decide to buy products that use the Anyway USB Ports, more companies would start producing them. Soon, everybody would be able to plug in their USB devices without that judgmental moment where you try to put it in the wrong way.

All in all, I would call the EZCharge Dual Pro 4.8A highly recommended.

2.4A Single High-Speed USB Charger

If you don’t need a two-port USB charger and would prefer to save a couple bucks, the single-port EZCharge 2.4A unit from Bracketron is just as well-made as its 4.8A counterpart. Despite being a lower output–and thus charges fewer electronics at a slower rate–it still features the innovative Anyway USB slot and  aluminum housing (in black or silver), thus making it a solid purchase nonetheless.

Products: Bracketron EZCharge Dual Pro 2.4A
Manufacturer: Bracketron
MSRP: $14.99
Part #: BT2-645-2/BT2-646-2
Website: www.Bracketron.com

EZcharge 2.4A Single High-Speed USB Charger review

The EZCharge Dual Pro 4.8A & 2.4A are available through the company’s website and in select retail stores (listed on Bracketron’s website).

Products provided for review by manufacturer. 
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