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BREAKING: Mark McGrath (AKA Sugar Ray): “I’m a Cadillac Guy”

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Mark McGrath

Mark McGrath
Photo: Justin Haguchi/Wikimedia Commons

To the tune of Sugar Ray’s smash-hit single, “Every Morning”:

Every morning there’s an XTS
parked in the corner of Mark McGrath’s driveway
It’s definitely his and he sure does like to drive it
and no his name’s not Sugar Ray.
Still don’t understand
Why they were so hot
Then again it was the nineties awful music was the norm
more often than not
Mark McGrath’s still driving
Career’s somehow surviving
Gonna be in Joe Dirt 2
Says he loves his Caddy
Told MotorTrend all about it, too
*lame Spanish guitar*

The one-time Extra host told MotorTrend that he thinks the 2015 Cadillac XTS is “the greatest car,” giving it a 10-out-of-10 and saying that it drives like a dream.

“I’m a Cadillac guy,” McGrath said. “I’m not a performance-car guy. Never have been.” You can now rest easy knowing that the guy who sang no fewer than four of the worst radio songs of the late nineties is a Cadillac guy. The brand is saved.

McGrath says that he has always been a Cadillac guy, in fact. He has a Cadillac tattoo on his hip, in part because he loves America, and he once wrote a song that was probably not all that much worse than “Fly” about his 1968 Coupe DeVille. Before making the switch to the XTS, McGrath says that he was a big fan of the Escalade but opted for something that is better for his posture.

Nobody had the heart to tell Mark that the XTS is dead in the water in just a few years time, but that’s okay. We’re sure he’ll get as much mileage as he can out of it even well after the name’s currency runs out. Like, ya know, his band. Which is still playing shows. In 2015.

Check out MotorTrend’s piece if you want to see what’s at the heart of Mark McGrath. We know you all do.

News Source: MotorTrend