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Brooklyn Thieves Caught After Stealing all Four Tires off of a New Mercedes

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Mercedes Wheel Thieves

These tire thieves were wanted: tread or alive
Photo: NBC New York

Everyone can appreciate a nice new Mercedes-Benz. However, two thieves in Brooklyn appreciated it a little too much after they stole the tires off of a brand new Mercedes-Benz GLA250 SUV.

According to NBC New York, Brooklyn residents Anthony Colon and Julian Soto were arrested on Sunday by Police after being charged with grand larceny.

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New York native Nicole Peluso had been saving money for years to purchase her dream Mercedes. When she finally did, her wheels were stolen before she could even make her second payment on the vehicle.

Mercedes No Wheels

Now her Mercedes doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Or a wheel to stand on, as the case may be.
Photo: NBC New York

Colon and Soto stole the wheels off of Peluso’s car early Monday morning last week. The two men hoisted the car off the ground with a jack and then proceeded to remove the tires and roll them away. After their nefarious mission was complete, the two considerately let the vehicle crash down onto the ground with a heavy smash before driving away.

The entire incident was captured by a nearby surveillance camera. To make matters worse, several cars nonchalantly passed by the incident without taking any action. Even a sanitation truck drove by the incident.


Where’s New York’s own friendly neighborhood Spider-Man when you need him?
Photo: Marvel Comics

When Peluso reported the theft to police, she was told that no one had reported the incident. The surveillance video was also shared with the news.  Police were later able to track down the two men.

Such is the fate of those who fall victim of tire envy.

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News Source: NBC New York