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Buddhist Twitter User Shares Images of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Cars He Made With Vegetables

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Twitter user @Sativa_high took the concept of biodegradable vehicles to an unusual level on August 12th, when he tweeted photos of cars inspired by the action movie Mad Max:Fury Road, which he made with cucumbers and eggplants.

The vegetable vehicles were made for Obon, which is a traditional Buddhist observance, where people show appreciation for deceased family members, who made an impact on their lives and who helped them become the people they have become.

The offering of cucumbers and eggplants comes from an old Buddhist story of a monk who offered food to the torturer of his mother and the monk danced for joy upon her liberation, so dancing is another important part of this observance.

Since monks are so humble, we’re guessing the dancing monk probably wouldn’t have been the type to pre-order a 2016 Chevy Camaro and would have opted instead for something more modest, like the new 2016 Chevrolet Equinox or the 2016 Honda Pilot

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The Twitter user also recreated the scene in which Tom Hardy’s character was strapped to the front of one of the desert vehicles.

In case you’re wondering why he chose these specific vegetables to create the green vehicles, for this day of remembering deceased relatives, the cucumber is typically meant to symbolize a horse quickly bringing the spirits to the home of their families, while the eggplant symbolizes a cow slowly taking the spirits back to their world.

Since The News Wheel is a site totally devoted to automobiles, we definitely appreciated the twist @Sativa_high put on this tradition.

Buddhist Twitter User Shares Images of ‘Mad Max:Fury Road’ Cars He Made with Vegetables

Do you see the cucumber horse and eggplant cow at the bottom of the stand?
Photo: fui 🙂

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Via: BuzzFeed