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Buick Enclave Continues Upward Trajectory into 2015

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2015 Buick Enclave

2015 Buick Enclave
Photo: © General Motors

The Buick Enclave experienced yet another record year in 2014, putting together sales totaling 62,300 units around the world. This means that Buick’s crossover has set a new annual sales record in five of the seven years that it has been on the market.

As such, there is seemingly no indication that the Buick Enclave is operating on a bell curve. The only direction its sales seem to be heading is up.

“The Buick Enclave was really the perfect vehicle at the perfect time,” said Karl Brauer, senior analyst for Kelley Blue Book. “It instantly expanded the brand’s reach by offering an attractive and functional SUV with luxury amenities. The three-row SUV segment was struggling in 2007, yet the Enclave drew a core group of buyers upon release and has continually expanded that group as SUV interest grew in recent years.

“This consistent growth curve is testament to how ‘right’ Buick got the Enclave at launch, along with how effectively the brand has supported its full-size SUV in the following years,” Brauer said.

After being introduced mid-2007, the Enclave immediately racked up nearly 30,000 sales around the world, totaling 29,286 deliveries in less than a year. That number jumped significantly in 2008 to 44,706 units before backsliding slightly in the midst of the recession to 43,150 units in 2009.

2010 and 2011 were both record years, with sales totaling 55,426 units and 8,392 units, respectively. Sales fell off slightly to 56,703 units in 2012 before leaping to a new record of 60,534 units in 2013.

With 2014 in the books, 450,000 Enclaves have been sold in its lifetime. At the rate it’s going, 2015 will be yet another banner year for Buick’s crossover.