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Buick GL6 Set to Join MPV Lineup in China Later This Year

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Buick GL6

Buick, General Motors’ single biggest brand in China, is adding a new multi-purpose vehicle to its lineup that should only serve to boost sales upon launch. The newly-announced Buick GL6 MPV will sit below the popular Buick GL8, both in terms of size and price, which stands to make it an attractive choice for new vehicle shoppers in the world’s largest new vehicle market—particularly for young families.

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“Buick has been enhancing its presence in the upper-medium MPV segment with the introduction of the new-generation GL8 Avenir, GL8 ES, and all-new GL8 25S over the past year,” said Jean Liu-Barnocki, General Director, Buick China. “The GL6, which goes on sale later this year, will complement those products and offer another choice for Chinese families.”

Buick was not forthcoming with many details about the GL6 apart from the fact that it would cost less than the GL8 and that it will have “assertive exterior, flexible interior [with a 2+2+2 seating arrangement], broad range of safety and infotainment features, and efficient power.”

Buick also released a teaser image of the shapely rear of the GL6. From this photo, you can most certainly tell that it has a tailgate, taillamps, a badge, some lines, and also a rear window. Further photos will likely reveal that it also has four wheels, some kind of hood, probably doors, and a steering mechanism of some sort. Stay tuned.

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